The Stylo-looper is a small stylus synth that allows you to design loops and then play them on a keyboard shifting the sound as you go.




The Automaphone is a robotic device that scans drawings and translates them into lofi musc.


Kepler 9d

circuitbent synth


At its heart is a recycled circuit board that makes the sounds, but the triggers and circuit bends have turned this toy into an experimental instrument.

Kapteyn Auto Drone


This is most likely the Walkman of a minor robot overlord.

The Kapteyn b is a sound sculpture that makes its own music. Light sensors and random numbers combine to make lazy soundscapes. 



The RizeTrionic is a Tea chest synth that has dual square wave oscillators, a chopper circuit to trigger them, and 2 filter circuits.



The R-Drone Station is a small handmade electronic musical instrument that allows you to create deep drone loops at various frequencies and speeds.



The RotoSeq is a hand generator cranked rotary sequencer. It has 8 slots and 4 sounds and uses 4 LDRs into a picaxe to make sounds. When a marble is removed from the turntable a sound is made that corresponds to its position.


Wicks Looper


The Wicks Looper is a small handmade device that allows you the create very fast noise loops, by adding layers of sound in real time.

The Moon Looper


This device makes a wide range of experimental sounds using frequency and speed controls, from super fast loops to slow drones.




Part martian space craft, part synthesizer, the Clipsitron by Rarebeasts is a Theremin style musical instrument that uses a light sensor to make a large range of electronic sounds. This unit is so easy to play, all you need to do to change the frequency of the sound is wave your hand in front of the light sensor.



The Flashtron MkIV is a handmade musical instrument that makes a large range of electronic sounds, it's extremely easy to play and perfect for live experimental music performances. It plays a little bit like a theremin, but with light as the main control.



The EM-Tronic is a small handmade synth that makes a large range of electronic music sounds.
With the combination of pitch, speed and mode controls, giving endless combination of sounds this Synthesizer packs quite a punch for it's size.


Beat destructor 2000


The Beat Destructor 2000 is a small handmade beat maker that synthesizes industrial beats with various sounds and tempos.

Auto Drone


The Auto Drone is a small handmade noise instrument that plays its self, making random long drones. This drone synth will run for 7+ hours on one battery allowing you to make extremely long musical compositions .

RotoSeq (Lego)


This is the Lego version of the RotoSeq, rotary sequencer.


R-Tronic 8-Bit


This is a unique handmade toy sequencer that will fascinate both kids and adults.

I first made this instrument as a first birthday present for my daughter.




This tiny synth uses a stylus to play 8 different notes(one octave in the key of C). It also has a small antenna that when touched, controls the modulation span of the note being played.

Swooftronic Pi


The SwoofTronic Pi is a small handheld device that allows you to change the frequency and duration of a basic sound wave using your thumbs to control light sensors.